NMDA Course: The Art of Spanish Silverware

silverware from spain

The Friends of the National Museum of Decorative Arts Association (La Asociación de Amigos del Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas), a private non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and supporting the conservation, study, and dissemination of the cultural heritage holdings of the National Museum of Decorative Arts (NMDA) in Madrid, has organized an introductory online course about the tradition of silverware in Spain: “The art of silverware: techniques, typologies, and styles.”. The six-session course will focus on the importance of silver in the history of Spanish and European decorative arts. The program will cover:

March 16. Introduction to the discipline of silversmithing.

March 18. Most common materials and techniques.

March 23. The marking of silverware

March 25. Religious Silverware: Typologies.

March 30. Civil silverware: Typologies.

April 6. Silverware and artistic styles: Keys to cataloguing.

The deadline for registration is March 12, 2021.

Dr. Javier Alonso Benito will present the course. A specialist in art history, the art market, and jewelry, he has published several books and articles about jewelry and lectured at national and international conferences and courses. He works at the National Museum of Decorative Arts, specialising in jewellery.

Participants can access the course on the Zoom platform.

For additional information, contact the Association of Friends of the MNAD (amigosmnad@hotmail.com).