About This Blog

Have you ever wondered what Spain offers to designers who are looking for inspiration? Would you like to incorporate Spanish design elements into your work? Are you visiting the country and looking to return home with a unique, handcrafted keepsake? Do you want to know more about the Spanish interior design scene?

Spain for Design covers interior design, artisan traditions and lifestyle in Spain in order to make them accessible to a wider audience and begin a dialogue about a part of the world often overlooked in design circles.

There are many blogs about Scandinavian or French design and many that focus on travel, food and other lifestyle topics in Spain. However, I have found very few English-language blogs focused on interior design and artisan traditions in Spain.

Is there a Spanish look? Cultural, historical, social, geographic and economic factors have influenced and contributed to regional variations in Spain’s design culture and traditions. This makes it difficult to identify one Spanish look. However, the very diversity of this heritage is what leads to the richness of Spanish design and to a wealth of options for the design enthusiast.

About Me

With studies and professional experience in law and policy, I work for the Canadian government and pursue continuing education studies in the residential decor program of a local college. I worked for the United Nations and other international organisations for over eight years and have lived in different parts of Europe, including Madrid.

It was while living in Madrid that I developed a passion for Spanish design. It was also where I met my madrileño husband. I have since spent family vacations in Spain and have followed the design scene through Spanish multimedia platforms.

My Design Philosophy

My design philosophy is one that values authentic materials, handcrafted design, and the preservation of cultural design traditions. I also value products that are made in or near to the local, region or country where they are designed (My term for this is “made where designed”).

This is not to say that I am not interested in showcasing products from Spanish companies that are made abroad, notably if they are made by artisans outside of Spain who have an expertise in specific techniques following age-old traditions and who can source the finest materials of interest to the company’s brand. These represent some of the best artisanal products in Spain and I will showcase the work of their creators. I also understand that for logistical, cost and other reasons, it may not be viable for a company to make its products entirely in Spain.

Still, there are many companies that pride themselves on making their products in Spain, proudly displaying their Made in Spain credentials. They use age-old techniques, or adapt them to contemporary tastes in innovative ways. These are the businesses and products that I make a point of seeing when I travel to Spain. I have a desire to learn about their craft and the story behind the company, and to share this information with readers.


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