Henar Iglesias: The Majesty of Feathers


Henar Iglesias specializes in the art of feathers. Raised in her mother’s millinery workshop and with a painter father, she studied for a degree in mathematics while learning her mother’s trade. Along the way, after discovering the magic of feathers and seeing that there was no specialized training in feather art in Spain, Henar left for…

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Maleza’s Vision of the Traditional Cordobés Hat


Stories convey the culture, history, and values that unite people. The importance of telling stories in an alternative way drives Myrte Sara Huyts and Javier Reta, the founders of Maleza hatmakers. They create limited edition, bespoke, and one-of-a-kind genderless hats in felt and vegetable fibers, such as hemp and baobab straw. Coming from different countries-the…

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