Fusion of Design and Artisanship: Furniture Maker Pepe Andreu and Luxury Leathermakers Sol & Luna Join Forces

El Galán Charlie

Renowned Spanish designer and furniture creator Pepe Andreu and Carolina Sánchez de Movellán, founder of luxury leathermaker Sol & Luna, have collaborated on a limited-edition leather-covered version of the iconic Charlie Valet Stand ((Galán de Noche Charlie)). The collaboration stems from friendship and mutual admiration for contemporary crafts and design. Pepe Andreu creates and produces furniture and objects that…

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5 Made in Spain Blankets to Snuggle Up In

Plaid Aquamar Optic Stripe por Anna Champeney

I love blankets. Besides the obvious function of keeping one warm, they add depth to a decor scheme with colour, materiality, and pattern. They make great wedding, birthday, or house-warming gifts. Vibrant and subtle colour palettes. Traditional and contemporary motifs. Merino. Mohair. Cashmere. Alpaca. These are descriptions of the blankets from five makers that I…

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5 Made in Spain Serving Trays


The serving tray is a much-used item in my home. In the mornings I place the day’s food selections on it to take to my workplace at home. As a family, we often-perhaps too often-forego the sit-down meal in favour of tray dinners, each member in their own space. I recall searching with my mother…

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5 Made in Spain White Tea Sets

Sargadelos Cuncha Collection

I love the idea of the formal tea ceremony. I recall drinking tea with my grandmother as a child and eating her ever-present tea biscuits. I cannot say I loved the bitter flavour of the tea that I invariably drank without added sugar or milk, and I would have preferred a sweeter cookie. But this…

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Henar Iglesias: The Majesty of Feathers


Henar Iglesias specializes in the art of feathers. Raised in her mother’s millinery workshop and with a painter father, she studied for a degree in mathematics while learning her mother’s trade. Along the way, after discovering the magic of feathers and seeing that there was no specialized training in feather art in Spain, Henar left for…

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Maleza’s Vision of the Traditional Cordobés Hat


Stories convey the culture, history, and values that unite people. The importance of telling stories in an alternative way drives Myrte Sara Huyts and Javier Reta, the founders of Maleza hatmakers. They create limited edition, bespoke, and one-of-a-kind genderless hats in felt and vegetable fibers, such as hemp and baobab straw. Coming from different countries-the…

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Restaurant in Almerimar, Spain Evokes Youthful Ambience

Amarte Fun Kitchen-Javiescobar Interiorismo

The design of the Amarte Fun Kitchen (@amarte_funkitchen) in the resort town of Almerimar is the work of Almeria-based Javier Escobar Design. Opened in June 2021, it is part of the Mar Poniente group of hospitality locales. Tropical elements fuse with Mediterranean cuisine for a pure expression of youthful exuberance. The brief was to design a space that…

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Singular Design by Leather Artisan José-Luis Bazán


Master leather artisan José-Luis Bazán (@joseluisbazan) has a long national and international trajectory in his craft. Based in Benaocaz (Cádiz), he has collaborated with numerous companies and creatives, including Spanish luxury fashion brand Loewe. Elle magazine and Vogue have featured his work. Not content to rest on his laurels, he continues to innovate. His latest…

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Hijo de Epigmenio: For the Love of Spanish Crafts


Juan Manuel Gil López is the son of (hijo de) Epigmenio, hence the name of his shop Hijo de Epigmenio. I first met him when I visited his central Madrid shop in August 2019 on the last day of my month in Spain. The handmade artisan items on display fascinated me. Many were unfamiliar and he…

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Espacio Intermedio: The Space In-Between


Espacio Intermedio is an online gallery for artistic crafts led by Cristina Vallejo, an architect and the founder of the furniture and contemporary craft studio ELSUR, and Marta Redondo, an architect, specialising in the design, management, and direction of exhibition and museum projects. They joined forces with the mission to promote creatives who work in that “intermediate…

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