Tado: The Little Shop of Ceramics

“All those who build a house around a tree or a rock and who make this tree or rock a beautiful and useful addition”.

Tado owner Sylvie Fiachetti about her inspiration.

Pieces by Eva Castaño (@evaceramica)
Tado Madrid
Vase and lamp by Jaime Barrutia (@jaime_barrutia_), bowl and cup by Álvaro Villamañan (@albarrovillamanan)

Tado is Sylvie Fiachetti’s shop in the Las Letras neighbourhood of Madrid. She has been attracted to well-made objects since childhood. With no formal training in art or design, she listened to and learned from all the antiquarians and auctioneers whose amusement park stalls she visited “thousands of times” as a child. Five years ago, she opened a small shop to sell ceramics and handicrafts. Although it took some effort, she did it for her pleasure.

Tado Madrid Shop
Granite mortar, left, by Antonio Valverde and other pieces by Begoña Galicia
Tado Madrid Shop
Bag/textiles by (@amsota. Other pieces by Amparo Rueda (@ruedapottery), Marta Villamayor/Espiral de virutas (@espiraldevirutas), Toni Porto, Jaime Barrutia (@jaime_barrutia), and Severino Boix (@alfarseverinoboix)

What or who has inspired your work?

All those who build a house around a tree or a rock and who make this tree or rock a beautiful and useful addition.

What is your most iconic, or popular piece?

Without a doubt, it is the botijo*. But I do not want to sell icons, nor popularize one piece. This is the role of the designer or for large-scale production. I am trying for something more pretentious for our times, something more humble.

*Traditional Spanish porous clay container designed to contain water.

Pieces by Jesús García Casado, left and botijo by Severino Boix (@alfarseverinoboix)

Is there a Spanish tradition or reference in the work that you sell?

There is a long ceramics tradition in Spain. We have so much beauty around us. It is a pleasure to meet the artisans and to try to understand their work. Although they work in a traditional craft, this tradition is very much alive. All the artisans whose pieces I sell are people I knew before selling their work.

Are there any recent events, or developments that you are excited about?

There are more and more and everyone is welcome! Large brands, government projects, town fairs…

What are your plans for your business?

Stay alive. In every sense.

What is your motive, mission, or philosophy?

Curiosity and pleasure.

Tado Madrid Shop
Pieces by Álvaro Villamañan (@albarrovillamanan)

How can one purchase the pieces?

By connecting with me through email, social media, or in person at the shop in Madrid.

Tado Madrid Shop
From left, wood piece by Marta Villamayor/Espiral de virutas, @espiraldevirutas, terra cotta jar by Álvaro Villamañan (@albarrovillamanan), blue and white jar by Begoña Galicia, and porcelain cups by Eva Castaño (@evaceramica)

My dream project would be…

Spanish people always have a ready-made answer to such a difficult question. The character of Segismundo in Pedro Calderón de la Barca’s play, La vida es sueñstates (Life Is a Dream), states “que toda la vida es sueño, y los sueños, sueños son“. (“All life is a dream, and dreams themselves are only dreams”.).

How have you and your business fared during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Any small shop owner will tell you that it is a miracle to survive in our times. We celebrate being healthy.

What are your favourite destinations in Madrid or anywhere in Spain?

I hope that people put aside lists and discover for themselves what is convenient for them, by mistake, by chance, or out of curiosity,

Ceramic pieces by Álvaro Villamañan (@albarrovillamanan), framed art on wall by Marta de la Sota (@martadelasota), dish by Begoña Galicia

Tado, Calle Echegaray, 31, Madrid. Tel. 642 55 33 51. (@tadomadrid)

Photography courtesy of Tado Madrid


  1. Marta Villamayor on June 18, 2020 at 2:08 am

    Thanks for your words and thanks Tado.

    • Spain for Design on June 18, 2020 at 5:46 am

      Hello Marta (@espiraldevirutas)

      Your work in wood as shown on your website is stunning.