Tadanori Yamaguchi: Shaped by Nature


Sculptor Tadanori Yamaguchi completed studies in painting in his native Japan. During the year before graduation, he accepted an offer of an internship with a sculptor and thus began his dedication to this art form. He has lived and worked in Asturias since 1998, after receiving a grant to study in Spain from the Spanish Ministry of…

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Cristina Mato: Clay in Motion

Holding On by Cristina Mato

Cristina Mato is a ceramic artist, based in Oviedo. “I started ceramics as a hobby 15 years ago. I immediately knew that it was my calling. I kept at it, taking lessons at the Escuela Municipal de Artes Plásticas de Oviedo, and participating in workshops with ceramic masters. The beginning of my artistic career took…

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Profile: The Artist Felipao: The Vivacity of Colour

“I think that art has a cathartic power and therefore the protagonist of my creations is color. I do not usually use sad colors, I want my work to convey optimism, light, strength and spirit”. Spain for Design interviewed Felipao, the artistic name of Felipe Garcia-Bañon Sanz-Briz. The son and grandson of diplomats, he was…

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