5 Made in Spain Serving Trays


The serving tray is a much-used item in my home. In the mornings I place the day’s food selections on it to take to my workplace at home. As a family, we often-perhaps too often-forego the sit-down meal in favour of tray dinners, each member in their own space. I recall searching with my mother…

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Espiral de Virutas: Nature’s Art

Ebonized chestnut wood

“Before I began to work with wood in 2000, I did a bit of everything. I studied fashion design at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. I designed for others, sold insurance, sold underwear, was a gas station attendant, ran a family car washing and mechanics business, activities that led me to slow down, to take…

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Woodic: Bringing Technology to the Traditional

Butternipple Pieces by Woodic

Woodic -a contraction of wood + ceramic- is the ceramic art studio that Natalia Suarez opened in 2018. A graduate of the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts with a specialty in design, she pursued further education in Artistic Ceramics at the Barcelona Arts and Crafts School in Llotja, San Andreu. Natalia’s work reflects her…

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