Hijo de Epigmenio: For the Love of Spanish Crafts


Juan Manuel Gil López is the son of (hijo de) Epigmenio, hence the name of his shop Hijo de Epigmenio. I first met him when I visited his central Madrid shop in August 2019 on the last day of my month in Spain. The handmade artisan items on display fascinated me. Many were unfamiliar and he…

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Profile: Federico Antelo Granero: Geometric Abstraction

Federico prepares for the MDF 2021

“I cannot think in a way that separates shapes and colour. The patterns I create are an exaltation of this ‘partnership’ between shapes and colours.” Based in Madrid, Argentina–born Federico Antelo Granero has quickly established himself among the premier textile artisans in his adopted country. With a background in painting, his pieces are remarkable for…

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SACo: Showcasing Contemporary Spanish Artisanship


“SACo’s genesis arises from the experience of a group of artisan firms in Spain that sensed the need to come together to improve their exposure and commercialization capacity inside and, especially, outside Spain. As an organization, we will promote artisans that create contemporary designs, who make their products mainly by hand with a high level…

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My Pieces from Spain

Three images of Sargadelos cermaic dish

My Pieces from Spain have moved with me to my various homes over the years. Some are online purchases, others in-store. There are pieces that I bought for my pleasure, and gifts from my Spanish in-laws with one from my father-in-law who once owned two gift shops in Madrid. Porcelain. Metal. Leather. Textiles. Ceramics. Some…

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Profile: Ábbatte: Fine Contemporary Spanish Craftsmanship

Ábbatte tabby blankets

“We create artistic objects for daily life, made with natural yarns in an artisan way”. Ábbatte creates exclusive textile pieces made with the finest silk, alpaca, cashmere, wool and linen yarns sourced from around the world. Elena Goded Rambaud and her daughter, Camila Lanzas Goded, launched the company in 2013, after careers as a university…

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