Singular Design by Leather Artisan José-Luis Bazán


Master leather artisan José-Luis Bazán (@joseluisbazan) has a long national and international trajectory in his craft. Based in Benaocaz (Cádiz), he has collaborated with numerous companies and creatives, including Spanish luxury fashion brand Loewe. Elle magazine and Vogue have featured his work. Not content to rest on his laurels, he continues to innovate. His latest…

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SACo: Showcasing Contemporary Spanish Artisanship


“SACo’s genesis arises from the experience of a group of artisan firms in Spain that sensed the need to come together to improve their exposure and commercialization capacity inside and, especially, outside Spain. As an organization, we will promote artisans that create contemporary designs, who make their products mainly by hand with a high level…

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Un Nido de Culebras: Innovative Leather Art


“Where do ideas come from, ways of making…? Well, from the world, from all those who made in the past and those who make in the present. What do I know?” Narciso Galan Narciso Galan (Somines, Grado, Asturias) The story of Narciso Galan’s studio Un Nido de Culebras began in 1987. “I have never worked…

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My Pieces from Spain

Three images of Sargadelos cermaic dish

My Pieces from Spain have moved with me to my various homes over the years. Some are online purchases, others in-store. There are pieces that I bought for my pleasure, and gifts from my Spanish in-laws with one from my father-in-law who once owned two gift shops in Madrid. Porcelain. Metal. Leather. Textiles. Ceramics. Some…

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Profile: Sol & Luna: The Art of Leather

“Committed to the luxurious craft of leather, best describes the artisans of Sol & Luna” Spain for Design interviewed Carolina Sánchez de Movellán, CEO, General Manager and co-owner (with husband, Carlos Ortiz de Zúñiga ) of Sol & Luna, creator, manufacturer and retailer of luxury leather furniture and decor. With a flagship shop in the…

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